A Good Reason to Kill Yourself

In the process of erecting this site I transferred over a few articles I had written previously that I especially desired to reproduce here. One of them is entitled "I Didn't Vote." The best version of it was published here at a website called "The Seminal" by editor Jason Rosenbaum. So, I decided to copy and paste the article from there.

Unfortunately, in the process of grabbing the article I chose to read the comments that had posted beneath it, which until then I had mindfully censored from my view, knowing what arrogance and petulance is to be expected from you fucking people. Especially where it concerns government and politics. What follows is a comment I could not restrain myself from penning, in response to the aptly predicted, aforementioned arrogant petulance.

I just poked my head in - after a long and soon to be continued stint away from all things ‘The Seminal’ - to collect a copy of this article, which J-Ro so expertly edited for me when I submitted it back in ‘08. And I thought, “What the hell, let’s read the comments.”

You see, I never had before. Why? Because some time ago I realized that you people - by which I mean the world’s populace collectively - especially (though by no means exclusively) when loosed upon the relatively anonymous mediums provided by the internet - are ignorant, unsympathetic, uncaring, unfeeling, unthinking, heartless, self-absorbed, nationalistic, abusive, caustic, cock sucking, motherfucking, cunt-flap, asshole, pieces of shit. And you pull me deeper down into the muck every time I have to smell the rank of you. You infect me with your intolerance and passion for all sayings evil.

It’s you who forced me to get rid of the TV, the radio, the newspaper, the Google headlines, the internet forums… Your hatred of logic; of justice; of all sanity has driven me to what, by modern American standards, must be considered a hermitous lifestyle.

How foolish I was to think, but for the passage of some seven months, I could dip my toes into the pool of your needless, vitriolic commentary without withdrawing the ringed stains of your silt.

Fuck you people. Fuck you.

And fuck the Hummers, SUVs, and minivans you rode in on. It’s my ballot, not the state’s. Not the public’s, dipshit. I registered, I signed for it… It’s my fucking ballot. If ever there were a public document that became the possession of the individual to whom it is issued, to do with what he so chooses, it’s a voter’s ballot - you redundantly unnecessary excuse for a human being, you.

And scrawling the names of my desired, off-ballot candidates, outside the boxes and between the lines will only invalidate the whole ballot. It will only get the votes cast, cast into the waste bin. Gee, I suppose I might as well not fill the ballot out at all, eh there Goober? The plot coming into view for you all back there in the cheap seats, yet?

I suppose Rosa Parks should’ve just written a letter to her congressmen, rather than make such a scene, keeping that bus from it’s appointed rounds — right fuck-nut? Since, apparently, protest is considered unseemly in your America.

“Why can’t they just express their sense of moral outrage at the classist, unjust, undemocratic, politically insular, disenfranchising systems of our nation quietly and unobtrusively, from the privacy of their living rooms.”

You know, it’s you people who make existence hard; who make living and breathing rest a burden on my shoulders.

Did you think you were accomplishing anything by your comments? Let’s say I heeded your advice, and next election cycle I scribbled my vote in the liner notes. How, exactly, is that better? Let’s set aside the fact that my vote won’t be tallied, and I’ll still be confronted by some retiree when the ballot refuses to pass through the electronic eye… Let’s put reality up on the shelf for now and take a pause to find any purpose - any virtue whatsoever - in what 50% of the respondents proffered to the “discussion.”

You tried to validate assault and deprivation of liberty as legitimate conduct for pollsters. You tried to dismiss protest as a means of reform. You tried to make a total stranger (me) look foolish and feel bad for no good reason. (And you see how that’s backfiring on ya’.) You certainly got me pissed; so you increased the amount of anger and hatred in the world. Good job there…

Yeah, I don’t see any virtue - anything good or helpful or even correct - that was added by your words. The sum result of your influence here is but an increase in the ignorance and hate in the room. And therefore, I must conclude, you only spoke to hear the timbres of your own voice; to further masturbate what I presume the massive, unchecked egos that lie between you.

And hereby, I feel I’ve proven, measurably and beyond reproach, that your existence makes the very world itself a shittier place for everyone in it. And it is on the merits of this proof - upon the authority vested herein - that I make this request to you:

Kill yourself you awful fucking twat. And leave the rest in peace: that we might sooner find it without you.


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