The Spooky-Ass Internet

Right now, right this very second is inaccessible, erroring 503. And at the same moment three other file transfer sites are not working correctly. All of them, every single one that I have tried to upload to, registers my 166mb upload in less than ten seconds. This is truly not the case. Even if I had that kind of bandwidth to go around, which I don't, these file transfer sites wouldn't receive any individual upload at such speeds either. After the upload bar shows 100% it just sits there like its waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile I can see from my packet activity that I'm transmitting up at about 30-40KBps, despite the 100% showing in the interfaces of these various sites.

I tried opening them in a different browser, thinking I had some strange file cache jam up in Firefox, but both Firefox and IE are affected, proving the issue to be browser independent. Add to these strange happenings that's flash interface came up doubly broken - unusably broken - until I refreshed by clicking the header image of the site, and I'd say that the internet is acting pretty spooky out there, folks. Best stay indoors today.

I'd like to suspect Flash, as the common thread here seems to be Flash based interfaces, but I haven't installed a new flash engine in either browser recently, and I doubt all three of the file transfer sites I've tried would update their swfs to new code, only to watch it break. Still, it's possible that some part of my own flash client has been bullocksed without my consultation.

Here's what I'm thinking: Maybe all these sites are using Amazon's Cloud services for their file hosting and databasing (unlikely) and Amazon has just issued a system-wide patch with a major bug in it. (more unlikely) Or maybe my internet provider has done something wacky that's causing the errors. (really, very unlikely)

Or there is a great big spooky howling ghost in the internet! Holy hauntings, Batman, what'll we do?! Steady Robin, steady.


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