After much too much deliberation and a whole slew of site designs thrown arbitrarily 'gainst the cupboards only to peel away and splatter, flaccid, on linoleum, I have finally found the perfect graphical backdrop for this website: None. My genius astounds even me.

Instead of placing the overlapping thickness of my many desperations on display by laboring, any longer than I sadly already have, at the reinvention of wheels web site-rical I will, instead, leave the content to the shaping of the page. You know: necessity; invention. As of now I have only this text and the video you may or may not see wasting space to stage left. Thus the chosen format. It serves this content purely and unceremoniously.

You do remember content don't you? It's that stuff art used to be made of before the advent of 3d graphics and alpha layered, chroma-keyed explosions; Before Roget was forced to list "vapid ratings whore" as a synonym of "journalist;" Before comfort and entertainment were canonized as virtues and "sin" came to mean "fiscal irresponsibility;" Before the pursuit of the dollar and broad social acceptance were recognized as ends of sacrificial worth, to be pursued in and of themselves.

...Oh who am I kidding. There was never a "before" that stuff. I should tell you to repent, and I will, many, many times - but for now revel in your debaucheries if it pleases you. Soon you will know a pain no comfort can unjoin.

So, yeah... Something about web graphics? Cool, cool.