Judge the Tree by its Fruits

In response to A Prayer for Ronald.

So just because Enron and Tyco and Worldcom and Haliburton and Blackwater are evil, doesn't mean I should assume they all are. And just because Ameritech, AT&T, Avon, B.F. Goodrich, Bank of America, Bank One, Bearsterns, Bellsouth, Citibank, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, Diebold, Dow Chemical, Eastman Kodak, Eaton, First Bank, GNC, Hershey Foods, J.P. Morgan, Marriott, National City, Nestle, PacifiCorp, Panera Bread, Proctor & Gamble, Sallie Mae, Sherwin-Williams, Southwest Bank, Southwestern Bell, Union Bank, Wachovia, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Walt Disney, Wells Fargo, Winn Dixie, and Zale Corp...

...secretly took out life insurance policies on their employees for the express purpose of turning a profit on their deaths, subsequently bleeding insurance providers and their legitimate purchasers dry with these statistically guaranteed "dead peasant" policies...

...Just because a couple thousand of the apples are rotten to the core doesn't mean I should assume the last half-dozen in the barrel are? Okay, well, I disagree.

My government has, throughout the years, imprisoned it's own citizens in concentration camps, murdered church goers who sought only to escape the 'ways of the world,' poisoned its own soldiers on the battle field, illegally stripped citizens of their birthrights to citizenship, physically tortured captured soldiers and civilians alike in an effort to gather information known to be unreliable, secretly surveilled their own electorate's communications and then pardoned themselves of the crime, corrupted election results, redistricted voters for political gains, erected road blocks and denied people of certain colors and persuasions access to ballots, invented fictional international incidents to facilitate fiscally desirable wars, armed and sponsored terrorist forces to overthrow sovereign governments, entrapped and arrested civic leaders... COINTELPRO... Bay of Pigs... The Cuban Five... Yearning for Zion... Jose Padilla...

And these are just the documented, proven acts of my government. No conspiracy or conjecture in the list above. But I should withhold my cynicism?

The Summer of the Shark, Super Sunday, Shock and Awe, Howard Dean's red face, "Torture and the Ticking Time-Bomb" the lack of single-payer options in the healthcare "discussion," no footage of Bradley Tanks in the US, '60 Minutes' withholding video of ATF forces firing on the exits of a burning building, G.W. Bush pelted with eggs on inauguration day never shown on TV, Fox News refuses to show building 7's collapse, no images of death from Iraq and Afghanistan, "terrorists have weddings too," the term "religious extremists," Obama's peace prize...

Listen, you can deride the individual who shouts "there's poison in the well" without a reason to suspect it - go ahead - but we've all seen more than enough evidence of corporate evil and inhumane greed. We've all seen more than enough evidence of government plots to subjugate and/or outmaneuver the will of a populace. We've all seen more than enough evidence of media propagandizing, tabloidism, and self-censoring journalism. And the incidents have become steadier and more egregious than ever before in the passed ten years.

We have every reason, at this point in time, to approach any and every corporation, government, and media outlet warily and with suspicion of mal-intent, remitting trust only once these have overcome their own much deserved, and well-earned reputations of corruption, collusion, and outright evil.

Ronald McDonald may want you to like him and trust in his products, but no more than the crack dealer on the corner desires the same. Both will be your best friend right up until their mutually addictive and poisonous products eat your insides out and leave you for dead. Then it'll be your fault for buying it from them.


  1. "I suppose I could work at McDonald's, but that stuff's for pussies. I'd rather deal crack on the street. That's where the action is. That's where the tough guys are. And, okay, selling the shit to school kids is low, but if I don't do it, somebody else will. Besides, these kids are miserable little shits. The rock gives 'em a rush. And it's not that addictive. I mean, I use crack every once in a while, and it's no big deal."

    "Sure, I hit my kids a little. But that's just to teach them what's right. People are too soft on their children nowadays. Kids need to know you're serious. And what are words, without force? They're empty, unless you back them up with a smack now and then. What, are you one of those pussy types, thinks kids are precious? Give them an inch and they'll stab you in the back with it. The little buggers are monsters."

    "All right, it was probably wrong to cook the books. But you know, we were all making money there, for a little while. We were all making millions. Sure, I cut some corners to make it happen, but isn't that what a CEO is supposed to do? I can't run a multimillion dollar corporation and live like a goddamn Boy Scout. So, I got caught. I rolled the dice pretty good, for a while there. We all made money. Sure, some little people got hurt. But me, my friends, the shareholders -- we were all riding high. For a while. Guess the party had to end sometime."

    Now what's your story? And what's my story? And what's everyone else's story?

    "Did you see what they did, over there? I knew it! The whole time, I knew it. You can't trust 'em. Isn't that what I told you? Can't trust 'em. They poison the wells. That's what they do. They don't care about us."

    THEY ARE US, GOD DAMN IT. Who do you think they are?

    When the football team wins -- WE WON.

    When the same football team loses -- THEY LOST.

    Evil is what other people do. What I do is entirely justifiable.

    Oldest con game in the world. People have been running it on themselves since the dawn of time.

  2. My first comment in months. It'll do. It'll do. ;)

  3. I wasn't sure my comment got caught by the site, which is why I also posted it as a blog post on my sight. Your comments thing is slightly wonky, somehow. I had a devil of a time getting to the character recognition thing and all that. Did you play with the website design or something?

  4. I did indeed tune and tweak the style-sheet when I first erected the site. And you aren't the first to suggest there might be something wrong with the comment forms. You're the second!

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  5. Nice work both of you. now that I see what you're doing, I'll be keeping track.