Easter Weekend - A Retrospective

So, okay... So like... Like...

On Thursday, dad picks me up, we go to the Big Apple for lunch, or dinner, or something.


His latkes are over-browned. Somethings always over-browned with him. Then we go disc golfing at Bay Court Park.

Put a shirt on, you dirty hippy!

We drive back to his place in Flat Rock and on a whim he fixes (re-rigs) the yoke on my bike.

Egg whites.

Then he fixes up his own bike and we take a night-time ride with neither helmets nor flashers of any kind.

Safety hazard.

Somehow we survive, watch movies, fall asleep. Next day he washes and vacuums the Focus.

Love of his life.

We gear up and head out for the links. The golfing begins - the golf-golfing, I mean - at Willow Metropark.


"They're both mine. I like a wide selection."

Dad swings.

Son swings.

"Someone bring me a cart."

I'm out with a 61, in with a 56. Hang on, math skills required... 117 on a par 71. Best I did was three bogeys. Walking the Willow Park course is not recommended. Eating more than salad before hand is recommended.

Go home, sleep. Wake up, golf more!

Well, first get gas.

Oh and I suppose we'd better eat hardily this time.

No, I'll take a non-illusory eating establishment, thanks.

Hash-browns were over-browned.

Hooah! Let's do this thing! Get some! GET SOME! You hear that Lake Erie Metropark? We got your number, baby! Uh! (Hey is it windy out here?)


The club house.

The freakin' wind!

Turned out to be 30mph gusting wind with intermittent sprinkling. Great day to golf! (<-- facetiousness) The 18th hole was so windy I couldn't stand still in it to hit the ball! Out with 58. In with 59. 117 again! At least I'm consistent.

Plus, I picked up a par 3, this time... Hit the 5W off the pad. It sails out nice and straight, sets down on the green thirty feet left of the pin. My first putt tops the hill, rolling down and well passed the cup leaving a ten footer, which I sink the hard way -- in the back door, even. (maybe)

Later that night we catch the 6:55p showing of 'How to Train Your Dragon.' Not bad. I'd recommend it.

Next day, home for Easter supper.

Dad and Josh discuss tires, pickup trucks, and how to be Men.

I eat this.

"Say pa!"

"Yes son."

"You know what we haven't done in some time?"



Nope. Still not sick of it.

After supper, another quick nine at Indian Springs Metropark and I'm in with 54 on a par 35. I was on fire! Sixes for fours all day, one bogey and my first-ever par on a par four. Two on, one up, and one long nail-biter in.

My drives are short, but consistent. My 3W is magic. My putting ain't half bad. Who's up for a quick 18?

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