This Day in 1981...

By "this day" I mean Sunday before last, and by the trailing ellipsis I mean to say that I was born. Whereas "this day," 2010, I went golfing con mi padre.

'Old Joe Something was a woodsman and he rowed his boat ashore.'

After nine holes and 48 strokes at White Lake Oaks I then proceeded immediately to Bay Court Park for 18 holes and strokes-unspecified of disc golf, yet still con mi padre.

"Everybody get down!"

As you can surely imagine, after twenty-seven holes and two golf-oriented sporting activities I really needed to eat some Mexican food. "To Mexico Lindo!" ...con mi padre y mi madre tambiƩn.

Now that I had the whole family assembled we retired to la casa for cake-by-Mom.

Just add homemade whipped cream.

And you were there, and you were there, and your little dog too.

Andy, the timid.

Let's open presents! I got a divot repair tool; A crazy prong-ended hand tool whats purpose only my dad knows -- and isn't telling; A deck of cards printed for the website featuring - instead of naked ladies - ham radio equipment, capacitors, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and other obscure tech; a good hat; And... wait. What's this behind me here?

"A brand new car!"

No one mention the white Mongoose in the room.

I recover from the blind-side. Dad goes home. My mom and I have a beer and talk about the good-old days, or the lack thereof, or something. I don't recall.

Mi madre con su perro Andy.

Some days later my new license arrives to announce that in four short years I've gone from pudgy, rosy-cheeked stoner, to officer tight-ass, highway patrol.

Me thinks, for soothe, the truth lieth here betwixt.


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