Dissatisfied and Leaving - Jungle Disk

I've been using Jungle Disk for some time now to backup my data to Amazon's S3. I've formed a less-than-stellar opinion of the software on a number of different heads, (see: Jungle Disk 3.04 - Update From Hell) but today I noticed an 800mb data transfer in process and wondered what it was - so large - that I was unexpectedly backing up. Upon investigation I found that Jungle Disk was re-uploading a certain collection of videos and other files which I'd recently gathered together and moved into their own sub-folders. Now, these files had all existed in the backup previously, they were just moved one folder deeper from their last position.

I personally find it ludicrous that an online file backup system should be unable to deal with a simple move operation like this, without uploading the whole file's content a second time. There's hash data, modified dates, file sizes, file sampling, and so forth... all which could be used to recognize these changes to say: "Hey wait, this file is already on the server, it's just somewhere else in the file tree now. I don't need to upload the data again, I can just modify the associated meta data."

Today's 800Mb's pushed me over the edge and set me on the search for some other software solution that will quietly run in the background and let me backup to S3. Yes, Jungle Disk has so disappointed me that I'm willing to re-upload my entire data set at Amazon's usual 85Kbps just to be rid of them. I'm making inquiries now. I'll report any success using other software.


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