No Entrance

("Turn the vehicle around, sir.")

My first, admittedly sloppy and simplistic, solo-go at 3d chalk art. This was a spur of the moment idea inspired by a large group of intruders who came striding brazenly onto my property earlier in the day. Some people call them "family." The tire tracks in the photos evidence both the trespassers' departure and the ineffectiveness of my makeshift barricade.

(The reveal.)

My greatest difficulty here was the unevenness of the blacktop. The dips and bulges, and especially the hump down the middle of the driveway forced me to warp the shape of everything by constant, minor corrections that sent me back and forth, to and from the viewing angle, more often than I'd have liked. I'll be careful to choose flatter, more consistent surfaces from now on.

(Lumpy, ain't she?)

(Look'it them gams.)

Next time I'll also try to choose something with more potential for the kind of shading my dad accomplished in our mailbox masterpiece. This is pretty flat color-wise, and I must admit a lot less visually interesting. But I think I made up for it in staging...

(Sorry ladies, I'm... single.)

(Twenty-eight inches of muscle and fury!)

Incidentally, we got about five minutes' rainfall no more than an hour after I took the last of these photos, so it's likely my little sawhorse is already kaput. Que cera... I certainly learned a number of lessons here for next time and I did enjoy the work. It's a victory in and of itself that I finally broke into the fifty sticks of K-Mart chalk I bought. I used all of five, maybe.

Next time: Flatter surface; more detail; more shading.

("Move along, sir.")

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