3d Chalk Art

While camping at the Whitmore Lake campgrounds in Brighton we realized our campsite was lacking something: A mailbox. Luckily my dad managed to chase the kids away from the sidewalk chalk long enough for the two of us to amaze and confound everyone.

(Click photos to see larger versions.)

I'd say we put somewhere around two hours - including a run to town for more chalk - into the drawr'ing of this visual illusion. Even we couldn't fully appreciate it's coolness until we saw these photos. The larger versions are quite impressive, I think.

(As Viewed from the intended angle.)

(As viewed from not the intended angle.)

My dad measured it roughly ten feet long, simulating about a three foot height. We were continually awed at how small the mailbox lid needed to be in comparison to the box; Even moreso when we saw these pictures and found, small though the lid be on the ground, it still proved slightly over-scale in the illusion.

(A medieval cooking device?)


It came out so surprisingly well, especially for such an off the cuff attempt, that both my dad and I are planning future 3d chalk-work projects. Next up for me: A giant, red stop sign erected in the K-Mart parking lot near my house.

Inspired by the stunning 3d illusions of Julian Beever.

(Return to sender. Address unknown.)


  1. This is absolutely awesome. I'm glad you guys got photos to document it.

  2. That sucks ups cock

  3. it's pretty good for nto being an artist. But compared to the e others ones its not very good, sorry.

  4. Shut up Brenda, you don't know anything!