MySpace - The Last Nail

The following is a message I just submitted to MySpace. Don't worry, I backed up my profile first. [Evil Cackle]

Dear MySpace, you suck.

As I try to fill out this "Contact MySpace" form the drop down keeps rolling up whenever I press the right or left directional keys, effectively preventing me from contacting you to tell you about it. My profile defaults to your ugly 2.0 junk if the viewer isn't logged in - and despite my settings - but shows as 1.0 if he is. And you have blocked all links to my blogger site, as well as to a previous google-groups site of mine, saying to my would-be visitors that my sites are either spam, viruses, or incarnations of the devil incarnate. I should sue you for slander you Rupert Murdoch, consolidated media, corporate whore fucks.

I nolonger update my profile or use myspace to blog because you suck at everything you do. Everything you touch turns to shit and collectively speaking, you people couldn't program your way out of a paper bag.

In case you missed it: you suck. Get a job.

Eat my ass,
Blow me.


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