My Golf Swing at 60fps

There's probably as much or more virtue in recording an off-day to see what's wrong in your swing as there is recording and reviewing your best. This is notedly an off-day for me. I've just started playing with a looser grip, which was working wonders for me at the range and on the course yesterday, but which is probably throwing off my timing today. Excuses, excuses...

I'm hitting whiffle balls here. Little pink, crappy ones that dent easily and seem to lack the weight needed to accurately represent an arc. I eventually split or crushed all my good ones and thought I'd give the cheapsies a try; half thinking they were marked down because it's probably hard to sell pink golf balls. But no. They're just light-weight junk is all.

I'll also note to the unfamiliar viewer that I am 'pigeon-toed.' So if it looks like my legs and hips are doing something impossible or unnatural, it's because they are.

And, yes ladies, those are my triceps bulging and rippling. And I'm sorry, but no, you can't have any of this delicious carnal hotness. Deal with it.

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  1. I've improved a bit since this recording, but I thought I'd come back and point out the biggest problem displayed here. See how my left knee comes in; my left heel comes up; my whole body from head to toe shifts right as I'm drawing back the club... Only to then spin and shift and uncoil haphazardly in the opposite direction as I take my swing. Yeah. You don't want that.

    After filming this I watched some super-slow-motion of a few scratch players and pro-golfers for comparison, and I realized that their lower bodies were almost completely 'silent,' or unmoving throughout their drives. As soon as I stopped my lower body from doing its little dance, my consistency increased dramatically.

    I'm still subject to a nasty slice and a nagging tendency to hit fat, but I don't let my legs go all flibbidy floo anymore, and it's sure helped.