Today Rocks!

This is a great day, don't you think? Blue skies; A little nip of fall in the air - you can smell it coming on, can't you - but still decidedly summer. Still warm, sunny and exuberant.

I went golfing with my dad today; in this perfect, awesome weather. And sure, it was a good game, but that's not all that has me glowing. I don't think, anyway. It's this air, maybe. I can taste the life, smell the aliveness in this air. Brisk air and warm sunshine. God grant me more like these. It's really too good a day to waste any of it sitting here typing about it so I'll just say what I came for and get back out into it, if you don't mind.

I shot a 107 at the White Lake Oaks golf course. I had a lot of good shots today, my drive improving greatly in consistency where perhaps not in accuracy. I rarely found fairway off the tee. I scored my first-ever par, and on a par 3. It was one off, one on, and one in! Hell of a par! And to end the day, on the 18th green - think of it, the very last shot of the day - I sunk an unprecedented, never before seen, crowd-pleasing 35ft putt for bogey. Thirty-five feet! We walked it out. Damn it was a good game.

But I'll waste no more of this marvelous oxygen sitting typing. I've got to keep this day going. The air is just too animating to resist. And you've got to make moves to parlay the good ones you get. Onward to adventure!


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