Wouldn't you just know it. I came home from work yesterday with a song stuck in my head: 'Distance' by Long Shot Party. "Who and/or what the fuck is that," you ask? It's a J-Pop song featured in OP2 of Naruto Shippuden. For the unitiated, "OP" means Opening - as in the opening credits of a show. (think Cheers: "...where everybody knows your name...") In anime, the opening sequence tends to change as episodes and story arcs progress, reflecting the story to come and the mood the writers want to present in this batch of episodes. So OP2 means the second opening sequence / song in the whole Naruto Shippuden library.

Sigh... Anyway, I came home with that song stuck in my head and I wanted to learn to play it. I looked up the tab with romaji lyrics and three hours later I had a recording I was so uniquely and overwhelmingly satisfied with that I would go on to listen to it at least fifty times -- giddily dancing like a five year old who's having too much fun to stop and take a pee.

So proud was I of what my audio workings had rendered that I felt the dire need to share it with the world. Usually I'd just upload it to muh' myspace music page, but suddenly that seemed silly. "I've got my own website now," I thought, "why should I rely on Rupert Murdoch to host my singing sensations?"

Thus began the unyielding attempt to shoe-horn an mp3 player into that minimalist site design I first published just hours earlier.

But inspiration was about to strike twice! For as I pondered the task before me an image popped into my head. It was a logo for the website. I won't bother describing it. (Scroll up and look left, dummy.) And once I had that logo in place, well the rest of the design finally started coming into focus.

So here we are. A website that damn-near looks like a website! I just might-could build on this one. Here's hoping I don't throw it away in the next 24 hours, like its predecessor.

P.S.: You damn well better listen to that song I put up!