Grand Re-Reopening

After much deliberation I have at last decided to let Blogger host this site. I feel more comfortable working within some boundaries, I think. The volume of possibilities I had while hosting the site through became as much a burden as anything. And Blogger's limitations are proving themselves just imposing enough to provide a challenge, while flexible enough to allow for the most cunning solutions.

I also take heart in the notion that this freely provided medium will most probably outlive my interest in it; will possibly even outlive my ability (or willingness) to continue breathing. Whereas any payed hosting solution surely fails to outlive even my bank account.

I won't say much more. I'm getting sick of "opening" the site, honestly. It's all pomp and circumstance. Besides, I've got a pile of articles that need written and more that need transferred from the other blogspot site I mean to deprecate. So, then...


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