Cover of 'Alones' by Aqua Timez, AGAIN


[UPDATE: I ended up recording and posting three different versions of this song over the course of four days, finally pulling out the e-drums and really going nuts on it. So, don't listen to this crappy version, please. Listen to this crappy version.]

Okay so... A day later the version of this song that I just submitted sounds like so much ass to me. The world just doesn't understand! It's gets to be so much with the playing guitar and the singing and the reading/reciting lyrics in a foreign language where 'e' sounds like 'a' and 'i' sounds like 'e...' Its too damned many balls in the air is all and the performance suffers for it.

Today the lyrics of the second verse are much more familiar to me -- almost memorized at this point. Aside from a tiny blemish here or there, today's version is much much better, I think.

(Tomorrow's will be absolutely awesome. -wink-)


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