All seeking is directionless. See what you find.

When you are kneeling in the utility room meditating before work... When your inability to focus on the space between your eyebrows; to hold the flow of energy through your interlocked fingers at the forefront of your mind; to sit rigidly without questioning the perfection of your posture... When you begin, of these frustrations, to lose faith even in the purpose and goal you've placed before yourself; when none of it seems to come together and you wonder what you might be doing wrong or whether there's really any way to do it right at all -- Look about you and realize that you are standing in a wide field: An endless green pasture that leads to mountains and lakes and rivers and plains and low lands and valleys and caves and plateaus; an endless, unexplored bounty of truth and fiction, purity and taint. There are no limits or boundaries and maps are worth little here. For none but you can find this field - no other has ever visited this inner world of yours - so none can say for certain where you'll meet perils or where treasures lie. This is your own private country. None have come before you. Explore!

Forget direction and goal. To be directed is to follow a path. And surely there are many virtues to following paths; deride it not! But path-following is not seeking, it is path-following. Seeking has its own virtues, pleasures, hardships, and rewards, and no one may discover these by following paths, for no path leads where seeking goes.

Seek and let your heart be light. Seek and care not for what you find. Seek and worry not for direction. Seek and be steadied by the knowledge:

All seeking is directionless. See what you find.


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