Cover of 'Just' by Radiohead

I did it to myself. I did. With guitar, drums, and vocals too.

From 2p to half passed midnight, this was another whole day's work for me. But oh so very worth it! Experience glee lately? I have. When I saw the finished product. Hell, the first of the video composites was enough to get the glee going.

No, those aren't twin brothers but disembodied portions of my soul whom I asked to sit in on this jam session. The video trickery is done with - of all things - Windows Movie Maker. I created my own xml "transition" using the techniques exampled at, splitting the video into thirds with blurred edges and compositing twice to achieve the final effect.

All the work was done in a single day from setup to recording to mixing to editing. The quality of each component suffers minimally under the sheer number of balls being juggled here, but I have to say that this came out better than a lot of my less involved projects. Its something of a magnum opus and I'm proud. Yes, I amaze even me.


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