What a little Warm Weather can Do

Today marks my first bike ride of 2010. I freed the Schwinn from storage-hell, overfilled the tires as is my wont, and rode a pleasant loop to bank and back. Just think, I'll be able to ride the bike to work again soon. If this Indian spring holds out another day I might even make a break for it tomorrow.

On my ride I saw so many people tuning up their cars in the warm weather that I decided to give the big red van an oil change. The last she had was in late September and I suppose, old as she is and counting now that I've only got a four quart pan, I should change it more often. But winter... But I don't drive it much... But but, but butt.

The engine developed a new sound recently that's been bugging me so I went with a heavier weight oil. (Like that's going to do anything.) I'd like to do what I can for the transmission soon, too. The transmission fluid has been overfull since the day I bought it and its always shifted a few degrees late for my tastes.

Next for the van is trans filter and fluid. Next for the Schwinn is chain and gear oil. Next for yours truly is Mexico. ¡Hasta luego, putas!


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