My First-Ever Hole in One Super Swing Golf for the Wii. Talk about a fruitful day, huh? First bike ride of the year, first oil change of the year, and now my first-ever hole in one. I'll set the scene:

Blue Water; Hole 6... An inexplicable stone column, 242 yards, and a 9mph cross-wind stand between me and and immortal glory. Kooh pulls out the 2W from her Air Lance III's, gives a careful nod to Dolfini and sends up a silent prayer to the golf gods -- that 'he is fallible;' that perfection is unattainable. She rears back, muscles up, and smacks the ball with every bit of curve she's got in the bag. Pangya!

It sails out to the left of the obstruction as the gallery watches in a hush. The ball is spinning; trajectory curving. The shot is dead on the pin! But no, it's coming in too fast! The crowd leans forward in anticipation. A thousand muscles seize; a thousand lungs all hold a single breath. My god! What will happen? Will this moment never end?



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