The H4 Test Flight (Sheep Go to Heaven)


I put the Zoom H4 to the test covering Cake's 'Sheep Go to Heaven,' and am well satisfied. This recording uses the H4's on-board compression, which as of now I only know how to turn on or off. I don't know if there's more control to be found than that, but simply turning it on has left me happy enough with the results of this take.

In post production I increased the volume of the track and trimmed and faded the ends. But other than that, this is all H4. No EQ work, no effects; just mic position and the 'REC' button.

Enjoy. Or loathe.


  1. soun(e-1)s great! but i'm sure you alrea(e-1) (L-1)now that.

    this has been unecessary comment poste(e-1) on the internet!

  2. Wow. E - 1 = D. L - 1 = K. Math is HARD.

    This does actually sound pretty natural. Not bad at all.