FLCL Desktop Background (1024x768)

It's been years now I've had this image for a desktop. It's 1024x768. I found it online. Someone had taken a screen-cap of the climactic moment in FLCL when <SPOILER>Takun and Haruko kiss</SPOILER> and superimposed the FLCL logo in the corner. I loved it.

But it was blocky and grainy; a bit washed-out; as you'd expect a screen-cap of a TV broadcast to be. So I took it into Photoshop and went to work smoothing things out, sifting the grain from the chaff and so on... finally adjusting the color to my liking. As I say, the result has been my desktop image for many a year.

I was just poking around at it, seeing <GAY>what other colors it might favor</GAY> and I figured I'd share it... posterity and all that, you know. Thus I present to you:

FLCL - I Love You. (The Desktop Experience)


Here's the new color scheme I'm using after today's session. I find it especially soothing.


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